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Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10, Up To 35% OFF
Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10
Up To 35% OFF


Consignment - Details and Sign Up
If you are interested in joining our consignment service to sell your rug on this site, please read the information below carefully, when you are ready send your request by submitting the form below or call us, we will respond shortly.

  • Inspecting the rugs, taking photos, making video, adding to site, and advertising are free of charge.
  • We inspect your rug for any necessary services to make it presentable. You may use our help for services on your rug with a reasonable cost.
  • We will work with you to price your rug considering your offer and competitive market value.
  • We will set our commission rate based on final sold price.
  • With your agreement we may leave the resale price open to receive offers from potential clients.
  • Accepting any negotiated price or offer is by your approval.
  • There is no guaranteed time period for selling the rug.
  • You need to bring your rug to our location at least 24 hours before any viewing appointment.

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