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At Royalty Rugs we are proud to not only provide the best quality genuine hand-made Persian rugs but also accept any kind of custom orders to be be made and delivered exactly the way you want it. We have access to all necessary resources inside Iran to make sure your order be fulfilled with the best quality and in a reasonable time.

This is a very good opportunity for interior designers to offer the best flooring options to their clients with any size, color, and shape, and make themselves separate from usual conventional decorating practices.

Alexander the Great portrait on rug Alexander the Great

Aristotle portrait on rug Aristotle

Happy Birthday words in Farsi on a rug Happy Birthday in Farsi

Happy Anniversary letters in English on a rug Happy Anniversary in English

Hoseeini Logo on a rug Hosseini Carpet logo

A rug designed by Hossein Ahmadi Hossein Ahmadi Design

Landscapes in Iran and flag Iran, Landscapes and Flag

World Leaders on a rug World Leaders

Jesus-Christ Cusom Rug Jesus Christ

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

Pahlavi family portrait on a rug Pahlavi Family

Sheikh Jaber

Shaikh Jaber portrait photo on a rug Sheikh Jaber

Shaikh Jaber portrait on a rug Sheikh Jaber

USA flag with orange background on a rug USA Flag

USA flag on a rug USA Flag

Sample logo on a rug Persian Rugs Logo

World map rug World Map

Sheikh Zayed Ben Soltan Sheikh Zayed Ben Soltan

World map World Map

Leaders, well known People, and Places World Leaders, Famous People, and Places

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