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Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10
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Persian Hand-Woven Rug - 2090

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Code: 2090
Description: Isfehan is a very famous city for many traditional Iranian arts, handcrafts, traditional building design, and specially well-known for their professionalism in rug industry. This rug has many detailed specifications and has been made from the best quality materials. Ordered by our company Royalty Rugs and made by Farsh-e Sanat co., one of the oldest rug weavers shops in Isfehan. The foundation of rug is 100% silk, its pile %95 silk, and %5 soft wool. Minimum 105 different natural colors are used in the rug including 70 silk and 35 soft wool ones. It took 11,680 hours or 460 days to make this rug by highly skillful weavers. The steps took to make this rug, 1- creative step for design 2- assigning colors to design sections 3- choosing best quality materials ( soft wool and silk) 4- material coloring based on design 5- determining color density 5- Making the cord ( Chele ) and root by experts 6- weaving. There are signs on two ends of the rug with Farsi words and also Faravahar sign which is best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, the original religion of ancient Iran. Design is Lacheck Medallion with King Abassi. Rug has 6 million knots in 70 sq area. The almost all silk nature of this rug, gives it a special feature to reflect different colors from various angles. You you see the differences in colors in the photos and video clip. Considering the time and effort given to make this rug, the real price of the rug is much higher than our suggested price. The twin of this rug is also available.

Origin Country:  Iran (Persia)
City:  Isfahan Sanat Sign
Design:  Beheshti, Medallion
Size:  6' 9" X 10'
Color:  Beige
Border Color:  Beige
Pile:  Silk
Foundation:  Silk
Knots PSI:  900
Condition:  New
Style:  Traditional
Shape:  Rectangle
Qty in Stock : 1 (unique)
Price:  $32,900 (Before Discount)

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