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Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10
Up To 35% OFF

Persian Hand-Woven Rug - 2100

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Code: 2100
Description: This is a must-see piece of art. No photo or video clip can show the real beauty of this rug. The color, design, and softness is truly unique and exceptional. 100% silk on silk, the rug is originally from one of the most famous manufactures (Iran, Qom) of Master Mr. Asarpour - with his sign on the rug. Top quality, original silk, hilarious art, and kind of multi Asarpour design a combination of medallion, Boteh (bushes), garden, and more. Being made of 100% silk, gives the rug a special feature to reflect many different colors from various angles. It is really hard to explain the exact colors of this rug which are very natural and relaxing, and in combination with the excellent design, make the viewers stop and have a deep long second look. The multi-color effect makes the background of the rug to be reflected in the main front design. This rug is well suited for a 40 by 25 feet room or hall and it will be best represented when it's on the floor by itself with no furniture on it. This is a very high class and in royal level rug which gives the owner a sense of pride, not just because of the affordability but for the highly professional made and artistic nature of the job. This is one of those rare kind of rugs that not everybody can be lucky to have. The main medallion is surrounded by miniature small flowers with a wide range of colors. The rug design consists of many traditional Persian patters. The triangle corners ( Lachek ) completely surrounded the background of the rug. Rugs has been weaved by highly skillful professionals and it took four years to be made. If it is all possible, we encourage you to contact us and make an appointment to visit our store to see this rug for yourself.

Origin Country:  Iran (Persia)
City:  H- Asarpour
Design:  Special Art form
Size:  6' 6" X 9' 6"
Color:  Special Dark Pink
Border Color:  Blue,Green
Pile:  Silk
Foundation:  Silk
Knots PSI:  900
Condition:  New
Style:  Traditional
Shape:  Rectangle
Qty in Stock : 1 (unique)
Price:  $39,000 (Before Discount)

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