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Persian Hand-Woven Rug - 2251

Status: SOLD

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Code: 2251
Description: Designed and weaved by Master Mohammedi Panah. Design is a mix of at least six specially designs (Five Medallian, Moharamat, Hozi, Garden, Vase, chiaroscuro), over hundred colors.

Qom Is a holy city 87 miles (140 km) south of Tehran the capital of Iran (Persia).

City has many visitors from around the country and also other mainly Shi’a Muslim countries as it’s the site of a holy shrine. Qom also owns one of the largest religious schools in the country.

Qom is very famous for Sohan, a traditional Persian brittle toffee with pistachios and saffron as main ingredients. There are many shops in Qom for making and selling Sohan.

Qom is also well known for some of the exquisite Persian silk rugs.

Qom has highly specialized rug manufacturers with distinctive designs and styles. They only accept special orders or make rugs with unique designs for recommended well known clients.

This rugs has been designed and weaved by Master Mohammedi Panah. Design is a mix of at least five specialty designs (Five Medallian, Moharamat, Hozi, Garden, Vase), over hundred colors.

100% silk on silk.

Origin Country:  Iran (Persia)
City:  Qom
Design:  Garden
Size:  5' X 7'
Color:  Dark Blue
Border Color:  Dark Blue
Pile:  Silk
Foundation:  Silk
Knots PSI:  1200
Condition:  New
Style:  Traditional
Shape:  Rectangle
Price:  $18,000

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