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Persian Hand-Woven Rug Detail

Code: BT-1
Description: This rug is from city of Malayer which is part of the Hamadan province in Iran.

Malayer and surrounding towns have some world famous rug designs including Fish(Mahi) design of Hossein Abad village, Pich Jozan, old Chahar Chang, Lachek Torang (Medallion), Haj Khanomi, Angoori (grape), Bote Mahi (Mixed Fish), Goldani Dare Jozan (vase), Panj Setareh (five start), Zir Khaki (under ground), and Bote (bush).

This rug is 100% made of wool and the yarn used was made solely by hand which was common in old days before spinning machine popularity. Using this kind of wool yarn helps the strength and durability of rug.

Rug is was made in late 1800s and interestingly has remained intact without almost any repair or deficiency. The pile is in congruous with foundation, they look and feel in the same level which in reality they are two separate layers.

There are four Lachek (small triangle patterns) on corners of the rug with beautiful mix of Fish(Mahi) patterns which has been one the most famous and valuable designs now and then. The middle section of the rug has overall Mahi design.

The border design is a mix of Fish(Mahi), Paisley (Bote Jeghe), and geometric patterns and the irregularity of them shows the weavers high level skills using only mental images and no paper copy making such high quality rugs with minimum tools and equipment.

Colors used in rug is completely natural dyes and that is the reason after almost a century the original colors still recognizable and preserved the original quality.

Origin Country:  Iran (Persia)
City:  Malayer
Design:  Exceptional
Size:  8' 3" X 15' 6"
Color:  Dark Blue
Border Color:  Rust
Pile:  Wool
Foundation:  Cotton
Knots PSI:  450
Condition:  Antique
Style:  Traditional
Shape:  Square
Qty in Stock : 1 (unique)
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