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Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10, Up To 35% OFF
Our 20th Anniversary In Canada Sale: Sep. 20 - Oct. 10
Up To 35% OFF

Persian Hand-Woven Rug - 1122

Code: 1122
Description: One of a kind masterpiece rug, Bazmi (Persian Party), designed and signed by Master Ebrahimzadeh.

A brilliant piece of art representing traditional Persian party in nature with birds, flowers, trees, and popular music instruments like Persian Tar and Daf (Frame Drum).

The color combination of sky blue, green, and light brown for nature mix with clothing texture colors is one of the best features in this rug.

This rug is antique washed which gives it a feel of semi-antique look.

Hanging or laying this rug in your room brings a sense of joy and outdoor fun to you and guests in a traditional way.

Origin Country:  Iran (Persia)
City:  Isfahan
Design:  Iranian Party
Size:  3' 7" X 5' 7"
Color:  Light Blue
Border Color:  Cream
Pile:  Silk / Wool
Foundation:  Silk
Knots PSI:  900
Condition:  New
Style:  Traditional
Shape:  Rectangle
Qty in Stock : 1 (unique)
Price:  $9,500 (Before Discount)

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