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Our Cleaning Factory, Hand Washing, No Chemical Used, All Natural - 2018

Carpet Cleaning Factory 2018
Below are some selected samples of the cleaning jobs we have done :

Exceptional cleaning and reparing case

This rug was in a very bad condition with lots of dirt and stains on it. We took special steps to wash and
repair the rug including :

  • Cleaned, hand washed thoroughly
  • Removed all the stains - a mix of different types
  • Removed fringing carefully by hand cutting to keep the oval shape of the rug
  • Bound the edges of rug using high quality materials and exact the same color of the rug borders

90% of this job was done by hand and rug is now in a perfect condition for use or sale.

Carpet Cleaning 2018 - Before

Carpet Cleaning 2018 - After







Gradually all kinds of carpets and rugs including floor covering and decorative wall hangings get dirty due to variety of outside influences, such as pollutants, heating fuels and atmospheric and environmental conditions. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be washed and cleaned.

Traditional Rug Cleaning

Traditional Rug Cleaning in Nature
Traditional Rug Cleaning on Cement

Below are the steps for effective rug cleaning :

First Step - Dust Cleaning

The first step in cleaning the carpet and are rug requires dusting the entire surface of the carpet or rug.

Hand Dusting :
Different methods can be applied in had dusting of the carpet. One method is Reversing the carpet or rug on the floor and beat it with a stick then carpet is lifted and the dust is removed and cleaned.

Machine Dusting :
These days with the innovation of technology special equipment have been designed for dusting of area rugs and carpets. With regards to erect position of the carpets and rugs tufts, the dirt can easily be removed.

Dust Removal by Machine
Hand Washing

Second Step - Carpet and Rug Washing (Cleaning)

Carpet should be washed in such a way to cause the least possible damage. We continue to use traditional methods in washing and drying carpets and rugs (hand washing). Of course such methods are still considered to be the best for washing antique-new-used rugs and carpets due to their high potentials in keeping the rugs in good condition.

Our carpet and rugs cleaning tips:

  • Wash the carpets and rugs on hard flat surface such as cement, mosaic, and stone.
  • Spray water and detergent into the carpet and area rugs pile under pressure.
  • Use neutral detergent. Proper cleaning is important to maintain a carpet in its original appearance. Test before cleaning as all carpet and rugs are different (silk, silk and wool, wool, ...)

Ready to Hang

Third Step - Rinse

We rinse the carpet with clear and clean water thoroughly.
Detergent residual left in the carpets and rugs may shorten carpet's useful life.

Fourth Step ( Drying )

For drying the carpets and rugs, we use a room where there is a fresh air and hanging naturally.

There are so many details should be considered in cleaning hand-made rugs and carpets and also machine made ones. For this reason we highly recommend that you do not try to learn and wash the rugs by yourself.

Rolling to Keep Safe

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