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The term "rug" is often used interchangeably with the term "carpet" which comes from old Italian carpita, "carpire" meaning to pluck.

Carpet weaving art has existed in Iran ( Persia ) from ancient times. Among many evidences for this historical fact, the most strong one is the discovery of 2500-year-old Pazyryk carpet, dating back to 500 B.C., during the Achaemenid period.

There are also documented evidences for Persian carpets art. The first such document has been found in Chinese texts dating back in the Sassanid period (224 - 641 AD).

The Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest carpet found The Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the
world, 5th century BC., Discovered in Pazyryk, Siberia.

Carpet old map

This art has gone through many changes in various periods of Iranian history.

Below is a breakdown of rug weaving art and its history in different cities in Iran :

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